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100% donations are sent to carefully selected NGOs, committed to best-practice development"

Jeremy Meltzer

Founder, i=Change

Shop for Change

It's an exciting time. Social movements are launching. We're engaging. Social enterprises are growing. We're buying. Although we need this to scale. 30% of the world still lives on $1 per day.

Weaving philanthropy into our everyday purchases, represents one of the most powerful opportunities to create a new funding stream and positively impact communities around the world.

We want to create positive change. Although how can it be simple, as we go about our busy lives?

So we thought about it - and built it - a uniquely simple platform that achieves exactly this. Just shop i=Change brands. They give back from every sale - and you choose where it goes after checking out.

It's also 100% transparent. 'Track your impact' and see how much your purchase has helped raise and where it's going, in real-time!

i=Change brands are enjoying greater success.

Why? Because we want businesses to reflect our values - and contribute to building the world we wish to see. So now, we have a choice.

With my dollar, I'm choosing change.

Giving 100%

We forward 100% of retailer’s donations to the chosen development projects. i=Change does not deduct any fees from donations, nor charge our NGO partners any fees to be a funding recipient.

Why focus on women & girls?

A high proportion of projects we support are committed to the development of women and girls. This is because their empowerment is proven to be one of the greatest drivers of economic growth and social stability globally.

Investing in women generates some of the highest possible returns. Whilst we support other projects, i=Change is proudly focused on the empowerment of women and girls and helping unleash their potential.

Why so few projects?

Funding fewer projects allows us to fund sustainably, so NGO’s can scale their work responsibly, with the resources to measure and continuously improve. So while it may be attractive to offer a long list, our goal is to curate a great list.

Why these projects & how are they chosen?

We’ve identified our NGO partners to be among the best in their fields of development. We’ve met with them, understand how they operate, and visited many of their projects in the field.

Interestingly, (and contrary to popular opinion), ‘best practice’ is not necessarily a measure of NGO’s with the lowest administration costs - but also of their capacity and commitment to effect sensitive, community-driven change that empowers over the long-term.

The methodology of our partners

  • Long-term commitment to communities

  • Empowerment rather than ‘aid’

  • Employing local community to deliver services

  • Sourcing goods & services locally

  • Transparency of reporting

  • Respect for local cultures & traditions

  • An organisational culture of continual improvement